Monday, 20 February 2012

Learning technologies for education Week 1

The first week of Learning Technologies for the Classroom (LTC) course has allowed me to know its structure,     aims, syllabus, and most importantly the e-moderator and colleagues. Our first activity was a wizIQ session to meet the moderator and the team that will share during this promising online course. This represented my first valuable lesson due to I did not know there existed such an useful free e-platform fully dedicated to education courses in the web. It allows you to held or to attend a class, to upload or download educative resources and ultimately to share education experiences.

Our first wizIQ session let us interact with the e-moderator and other participants while the first one explained in detail what to expect on this course. I confirmed that this was a basic course for beginners in technology and education, so I was so relieved since I am just a prospective ESL/ESP teacher. Another interesting issue revised in that first session was the content and work pacing that participants had to held. This is an interesting point since we have to follow a pace of two complete modules per week with no partial deadlines in the meantime. Finally this session confirmed my expectation on this would be a hands-on  course when the e-moderator guide us to start with the first activities of the week (creating our profile and adding making our introductions in the forums). 

Finally, when working by myself in the rest of the "getting started" module activities, I could get interesting information on chatting policies, interact with my colleagues on our profiles and introductions, acknowledging the correct way of using our "moodle" platform and check it out interesting information from our e-moderator. The final activity of this introductory module was a great challenge since it required to create a blog in the web, in which we would have to write down some reflections on the course. This is my first blog and my second online course and after a couple of days working and interacting with great colleagues I feel this LTC course definitively will overcome my expectations!

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